Zamárdi is the resort on the southern shore of Lake Balaton. Its unique attarctiveness is due to the several-kilometer long well-kept grass-covered free beach with modern sanitation, nevertheless the uniquely beautiful view of the Tihany penninsula.
Caterings, good programmes all add to the popularity of the place. Boats and small ships can tie up in the port of Zamárdi. The bathers can enjoy the beach free of charge and their safety is ensured by medical supervision and life-guard service free of charge as well. Parking is for free everywhere in Zamárdi.
Those who want to enjoy active recreation may choose from different sports :
  • shipyardsurfing
  • boating
  • water-cycling
  • angling
  • beach volley-ball
  • tennis
  • football
  • gokart
  • minigolf
  • cycling
  • horse-riding
  • in winter chair-skiing and skating.
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